What Is Beard Oil?

It is a combination of base oils and essential oils that are designed to not only tame & soften your man whiskers, but contribute to the health care of your hair and skin as well.


Why Do I Need Beard Oil?

The ingredients in the oil will make your facial hair not only softer and more manageable but the ingredients have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties leading to a healthy and soft.


Who Can Use Beard Oil?

Any man (Or Woman) who is in any state of facial hair growth, whether it be just starting your facial brush to a mountain man Forrest & anything in between Monkey Oil beard oil is essential to your beard needs.


What Separates Monkey Oil From The Rest?

Monkey Oil Beard oils are made from all natural Oils & essential oils. With no added fragrances, Our beard oils are naturally scented using only essential oils for a nice clean healthy scent.


How Do I Use Beard Oil?

You can add anywhere from 5 Drops and up into your hands. Massage into your beard at least once a day, Apply as many times during the day to add a healthy look and smell.